Monkey wrench in the works!

Well, Bummer. IM sitting in the airport here in Graz Austria, Waiting for our Second flight. Seems our Original flight had Technical difficulties, and we've been delayed 5 Freakin hours! I guess I shouldn't complain too much. With all the traveling I've done the past 3 weeks, a little delay a day before I fly home should 1/2 be expected. But I was looking forward to some down time at Andy, and Nicole's. One last evening in Germany with new friends.

But like I said no sweat, and no complaining. Andy and I are sitting at the airport, talkin shit, and discussing my return to Germany, in March.
The Styrian Convention was a blast, and ended on a great note. Like I said, a great turn out of artists, and fans alike. I took Best of day on Saturday, and got to do some real fun tattoo's all weekend. You can see em on my website.
Had a really nice relaxing late dinner at the hotel (a rarety at convention as usually everything is closed at that hour in the states), with a buch of folks, after we'd left the floor. Than up this morning to some packing, and a drive to what is now our long wait to get back to Dusseldorf.
But again, no complaining. I am very excited to get back home to see my Wife, Molly, and the feller's at the shop. Not to mention just to see the shop. As some of you may have heard, I left for Europe 2 days before the guys moved Hope. IM told that Eric has taken the reigns, and things are going very smoothly. I can't wait to see where there at, and start to get her on track with some of my other plans for the future.
Well a bit of waiting (and again, no complaining), and than a flight back to Andy's. A good meal, one last night hanging with friends out here in Germany, and than Home....

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