OK, last few days have been busier than Hell, between work, and a handful of extracurricular activities. 
  But I've finally gotten around to putting a bit of time in on this one. It started Friday Morning, when I gessoed the surface. IM working on Water color paper, gessoed black. A bit different for me. 

 The sketch came from one of the two sketches I did for a client last week. Seemed silly to let it go ta waste. 
  On a side note to all you Hooters fans. YOUR FREAKIN CRAZY!!! After the art show friday (one of our extracurricular activities). Julio, his wife Denice, and I hit one on the way home. A couple of fellers were talking bout wings, and I think it subliminily put it in the back of our minds. And as fate would have it, there happens to be a Hooters on the way home. So looking for a good dinner, and some fine wings we set off to Hooters (trust me, I hope this is the last time you will ever here me utter the word Hooters). 
 What can I say to properly express my experience. It SUCKED. Yeah that works. 
   Lets start with the poor service. Thats enough on that.   
  Than there was the Shit beer. Tell me how do ya F*%K up a Guiness? 
  Than we come to the world famous wings. So F*%K'N NOT!  Yeah they Sucked too. 
 Than the Finisher, a crappy Burger. Yup, even the Burgers sucked. 
 So yours truly will Hopefully never step foot in a Hooters (last time) again. 
   Well thats all for now. Should knock a bit more off of this lil chick a dee, in the coming days, so stay tuned. 

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