Lil' Blood sucker action

 Firstly, let me appolegise for the lengthy time between posts (not that I think anyones hanging on to my every printed word). Things have been hectic to say the least. I've just signed a new lease in a brand new space to move Hope Gallery to, and IM very excited, and a bit freaked out. 
  If anyone here is familiar with our current situation, than you know our space is pretty sweet. Let me say that this new place is gonna be different, but IM so syked to make this move, I can't even begin.... SO I won't.

  But what we have here is the final product of a couple of evenings work. I do hope you enjoy her. She still has no title, but IM certain that one will arise. 
  As for the medium, you have pencils, Marker, Acrylic, and airbrush. She's on 16"x20" Mat board, and IM very happy with the strange skin tone effects. Although this is not the greatest photo, its pretty close to the original. 
 Hope ya like, now IM off to some chillin', and Molly time...

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