How Much Do I love my Bishop's?!?!

How Much do I love my Bishop Rotary machines? A whole Hell of a lot, thats how much. Over the past 2 years I've pretty much been tattooing exclusively with rotary machines. I've experimented quite a bit, and spent tons of cash on these little money pits. I say this because it seems that just about every rotary cost more than your typical coil machine. Excluding your average China, knock off. And we all know what those are usually worth. Over the years, i've truly purchased, used, and sold, over a dozen rotaries. The conclusion i've reached (for myself at least), is that my Bishops are by far the best. Granted they don't have the same versatility as several other new fangled rotaries of today. But I say to Hell with that. It truly doesn't need it. I think the purpose of a rotary machine is for smooth, steady motion. And the Bishop supplies this with its linear drive, and in perfect balance. This along with its shape, size and weight, make for a perfect combination. I've always been a tattooist who preferred a heavier machine. But I have to say that the lightness of the Bishop, along with a disposable tube truly is fantastic. The most comfortable feel I've used in years. I know this all may sound like a sales pitch. But it truly isn't. My thoughts while writing this blog is to give this particular Rotary the slap on the back it deserves. And also to answer the question, "Joe, Heard you were using this, that, and the other Rotary? Which one is it"? Well here ya go. If you know me, you know that I've endorsed only a handful of products. And there products I both believe in, and use on a daily basis. I deal with only 1 Medical supplier, I use only 1 Tattoo Pigment (Easy Glow, The best out there), and literally only 2-3 very reputable tattoo suppliers! Its been a Year with Bishop, and I hope it'll be a long, and very creative future. Please Feel free to leave a comment. I will answer it, and rarely Bite.

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