Home again, & missing friends.

Well, IM home from my trip out west, and as much as IM happy to be home. I must admit to being a bit bummed, to have left all my friends out west.
As some of ya's may know I did guest spots in both, Ontario CA, and Las Vegas NV. I also held seminars at both locations, and that was great as well.
But my point here, right now is how much I wish all the folks I know lived a bit closer. I can't tell ya home much I hate only seeing these people every now and again. And how much of a pain in the ass it is getting there, and back.
There's also the hassles of trying to see all the people ya want on these trips. I know I fell horribly shy of all the people I wanted to see, and apologize to anyone I missed (it is a long list).
I wanna definitely thank, Johnny, and his lovely wife for Putting Jime' And I up at there place while we were in CA. They have a killer pad! And Pat Litwalk. A better host, you wont find. I've been crashing at there place as long as I've known em.
But I do suppose that IM lucky as Fuck, considering at least I do get to get out there, and see these folks, Meet new people, and pay for the trips by tattooing on the road.
That having been said, just wanna say thanks to everyone out there on this trip, who stopped by the shops to say hey, Get tattooed, take the seminars, and all that jazz. And a special thanks to Obie Huges, and Jime' Litwalk. 2 Finer friends one could not ask for. See ya's soon.

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