Helllloooo NURSE!!!

  Did this lil' gal this afternoon. Whole lotta fun, and the latest in what IM calling my "Blood Pudin'" Pin up Gal's.

  She's a bit smaller than the latest paintings, 11"x14", Acrylics, marker, pencil, & airbrush on mat board. 
  On a side note, and one thats probably even more important note, I've signed the lease on Hope's new location, and met a couple of Heating, an AC people this afternoon. Here's the space as it stands now. Keep an eye peeled for in progress photo's. Real excited to see how this space turns out. We'll have nearly twice as much room as were currently in. And A full room just to be used as a painting studio space. 
 More on this, and a bunch more paintings I got kickin' round the ole' noodle...   

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