a day out at the NYC Comic Con

 Well what can I say Comic Con, was cool as Hell. Julio and I had a blast. Got there good and early, made our rounds down Artist alley, and got to buy some great sketch books, and art book. I also met my friend Alberto Ruiz, and was introduced to one Shane Glines. IM a huge fan So purchased a couple of his new Sketch books (get em if ya know what's good for ya). www.brandstudiopress.com  As well as got my greedy lil mitts on a couple of original sketches, sweet.

  Got my photo taken with some wicked nasty young, and Dangerous gals, and got to say hey to my old friend Joe Linsner, of cry For Dawn fame. All in all a great day.
 Did get home and work on that Pirate gal, but didn't get nearly as much as accomplished as I wanted (she's looking pretty rough here, and IM hoping for the best). But tomorrow evening is right round the corner, and iM hoping

 ta get Hip deep in this baby then (not literally, IM a married man you know). So keep an eye peeled. 
 Well gonna crash on the couch with the lil dog, maybe check out some CSI, and unwind a bit before bed. Tomorrow morning start with a sketch  I've gotta draw for my first
 client. A cute little Ganesha, and IM kinda sweating it. Its an ambitious cover up, and there never fun.

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