Bride, on Board

   Well, busy few days. I've been super busy at work, and talking to the contractors about the build out for the New Hope Gallery. Can't wait for this to be started, and done. More on that later.

  A quick Note, Julio, His wife Denice, Phil, Jessica, Katie (of Pulse), and I all went to Fosters Latest Game dinner, and it was a blast, not to mention delicious! IM not going to get too into it, But I will say we drank too much, and enjoyed food that was well beyond our capacity. But it was great. Nothing like breaking bread with friends, at a great place. Ch

eck out IM certain she'll be blogging about it in the coming days (picts and everything). 

  So I have Saturday off, and trust me that don't happen all that often. So like any other nut job artist, I spend this beautiful day, indoors, and working. But I do have a silver lining to this black cloud way to spend a day off. I managed to finish this lil Lady. Consequently I drew the sketch for this new, an hour before heading to said game dinner. And had every intention to post it that very same evening. But as fate would have it, too much wine, and  Whamo, Joe should not be behind the key board, and saying silly shit. 
 So Here she is for your viewing pleasure. she measures 16"x20", and like the last painting, she's doe in a mix of markers, acrylic, airbrush, and pencils. 

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