Ha, that title sounded better in my head. Well I just got this painting back from the scanner. (you see she's awful large, and too big to scan at Hope) IM really happy with the way the scans, and print he made up turned out. IM definitely gonna do a print of this one, so keep an eye peeled.
Funny I really couldn't remember if I liked this piece when I first finished it. See Phil took it right to the scanner feller, like the very next day. So I really had not time to brew on her. But as it turns out, IM liking her. Next she's off to the framer.
But first, Heres a shot of her for ya. She's still my back up should my head cheese piece not turn out the way IM hoping. But fingers are crossed on that one. Been a couple of stressful days for me. So not a whole lotta painting going on. But IM hoping to spend a couple of hours in front of the Easel before I head to Germany on Wednesday, wish me luck...

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